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[CD] ゴシック・アンド・ロリータ (mumyo, 成田達輝)

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全曲ヴァイオリン・ソロ composed by Yuri Umemoto and Akiko Yamane 山根明季子 performed by Tatsuki Narita 成田達輝 mastering by Yuri Umemoto 梅本佑利 illustration: NABEchan 1. Ribbon flesh and blood and vapor 2. Pannier clothing, Aesthetic 3. Copy and paste, mass produced/consumed irregular/imperfectly shaped plastic pearls and Me. 4. Embellish Me! 5. Bourrée with black ribbons 6. Ribbon Accumulation 7. Alice in Abandoned Akihabara 1 8. Alice in Abandoned Akihabara 2 9. Melt Me!

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